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Lake St. Joseph Outpost

The newest outpost is on Lake St. Joseph, about 88 miles by air from town and is sure to be a new "Hot Spot" for all.
It is also accessible going up the North Road 134 miles and having a scenic 27 mile boat ride to Ice House Bay where it’s located. This bay is protected from the wind even in the windiest weather.
It’s on what many refer to as the best spot on the lake for fishing large walleye, northern and white fish.
The fishing is even good right off the roomy dock that is there.

The accommodations will be the best in the area, with the new cabin being built in the fall of 2005.

It’s a good place to see the fantastic northern lights at night as well as hear the cry of the wolves.
There is also a good chance to see the woodland caribou and plenty of ducks.