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Wolf Hunts

Wolf hunting starts September 1 and can be guided or unguided.
For our our fall wolf hunting we work the clear cuts and the old logging roads and set up bait in certain areas.

We try to use the terrain and wind to our advantage when calling.
We use electronic callers and robotic decoys and deer silhouettes to coax these trophys in.

Winter Wolf Hunts

Our winter wolf hunts are done on the frozen lakes, while the snow in the bush is to deep for them they move to the ice.

We set baits that are frozen into the ice and have heated blinds.

We do all our travel on snowmobiles to access the hard water and bush. We use electronic callers and decoys for this hunt.
We travel the ice glassing for wolves out in the open. We can cover quite a bit a ground this way and a access areas that are untouchable without a snowmobile

The elusiveness and the difficulty of taking this animal is what makes it such a great trophy for any hunter.
Snowmobile rentals are available